Training is an important part of a horse's development.  Olympian Debbie McDonald said "every time you sit on a horse, you are either making it better or making it worse", so even routine riding from day-to-day is either making the horse better or not.

Gary Lawrence, one of the owners and head trainer, takes a limited number of horses in training each year.  Training packages are based on how much you would like to ride your horse yourself and what your schedule will allow.  Gary will ride the horse from one to five days a week, depending on mutual arrangements.  Gary has extensive experience training horses.  He has trained all types of horses and all types of breeds in dressage and jumping.  His horses are very correct and know their job.  His methods include lunging, cavaletti, gymnastics and classical dressage techniques.

If you are interested in having a horse in training, we would recommend that you come and watch Gary work his training horses and discuss your needs.

All training horses must be boarded at Millbrook.  Prices for training are on a sliding scale depending on how many days a week he will be riding your horse.