Lessons are an important part of developing a good horse!

Lessons are crucial to the development of any horse, but especially dressage horses.  It is difficult to gauge their progress and ability without help from a qualified instructor.  We have30 years of experience here at Millbrook and have experience with any level of rider, breed or level of schooling in the horse.

Gary Lawrence, head trainer and instructor, is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist, which means he has personally trained horses to the Grand Prix level.  He has trained young horses, re-schooled older horses, ridden and shown three stallions, and everything in between.  He has a unique perspective on the horse learning process from beginning to end and can provide qualified instruction for any level of rider.

Jan Lawrence, instructor, has many years of experience working with students of all ages.  She is a position fanatic, but strives to make lessons a fun, enjoyable experience.

Our philosophy is that lessons help to reinforce good riding habits and that we can to keep the opportunity to ride with an instructor cost-effective.  We have been effective in producing good riders regardless of their budget or previous experience.  Our program has produced many USDF medalists at all levels, national champions and regional winners.  we are very proud of the success of our riders and have been rewarded with a group of wonderful clients!  (To read more about the success of our instructional program click on the Hall of Fame tab.)

One additional benefit of being a student at Millbrook is free coaching at shows!  If you are in a lesson program with us and we are available to attend a show where you are riding, we will warm you up and coach you for free.  We feel that showing is an important part of checking in on true progress, so we have a vigorous show schedule and work hard to help our clients achieve their goals outside of the lesson setting.

We do not currently keep any school horses, so you need to have a horse available to you to work with us.  You can trailer in for your lessons.  You do not have to have a horse boarded with us or in training to be eligible for lessons.  

All lessons are private, one hour.  The cost is $50/hour.