Annnnd that's a wrap!  The last show is finished and it was terrific.  We can't thank all the volunteers and show staff for all of their hard work and long hours.  Congratulations to the High Score winners:  Cassie Benson and Katjin for Training Level, Evan Hills and Pearl for First Level, Gary Lawrence and Wyld Thyme for Second Level, Stacy Palen and Eridani for Third Level, Jim Hicks and Zeus for Fourth Level, Morgen Bastow and Figaro for FEI and Genevieve Rohner for Para Equestrian.  Great job to you all!  The full show results are available below.  

Aug2021MillbrookDressageShowFinalResults.pdf Aug2021MillbrookDressageShowFinalResults.pdf
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Summer Festival Results 2021.pdf Summer Festival Results 2021.pdf
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Type : pdf