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 Full show results for the Millbrook Farms Dressage Show held August 9-10 are available in the PDF file below.  They are also available under the August show tab.  Congratulations to the High Point Winners:  Andrea Lewis and Beaumont for FEI, Lara Oles and Bella for FEI Para Equestrian, Trisha Kerwin and Casini for Fourth Level, Nancy Burchett and Hollister for Third Level, Trisha Kerwin and Daunte for Second Level, Trisha Kerwin and Dynamic for First Level, and Susan Hallenberg and Ravinnia for Training Level.  Our Musical Freestyle platter winners are Lara Oles and Bella for FEI, Heather Krebs and Tova JN for Third/Fourth Level, and Kelcy Sweat and Zeus for First/Second Level.  Our high point junior rider was Zjanelle Lee on Fun-Fettie.  Congratulations to everyone for a great show!    

We are also hosting an ISR/Oldenburg Mare and Foal Inspection on Wednesday, September 3rd.  Look for details in a few weeks.  

 Our finale for 2014 will be the Classical Dressage in the Modern Age symposium featuring Guenter Seidel and Gary Rockwell on October 18-19.  This is going to be another fantastic dressage learning experience.  Our last symposium got RAVE reviews.  We are so pleased to be able to offer another one this year and hope that you will all attend.  Information is available under the Symposium tab listed above. 

We look forward to having you all join us again this summer to celebrate the YEAR OF THE HORSE!  Best wishes and see you all very soon!     

Millbrook in Fairfield = Nirvana!

The new facility is SO great.  The indoor arena is quiet and horse-friendly.  The rings are incredible.  The horses are so happy here.  We feel very at home these days. 

We have a few pictures of our facility here, but you can see many more pictures of our facility, our horses and their riders on Facebook.  Send a friend request to Millbrook Farms.   

Here we are! The facility is very user friendly with many riding areas and great footing.
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