Clubs and Organizations

Federation Equestre Internationale  This group oversees international equestrian competitions worldwide in internationally recognized disciplines like dressage, jumping, three-day eventing, reining and endurance racing.  Their rules govern international competitions like the Olympic Games.

United States Equestrian Federation  This is our national federation which governs horse sport throughout the United States.  They are the official liason with the FEI, so anyone who competes as a representative of the U.S. goes through them.  All nationally recognized competitions are held under their rules.  They maintain the rulebook for all disciplines too.  You can join this organization, register horses for competition, read the rulebook or get news online at this web address. 

United States Dressage Federation  This is the national dressage club.  Their main purpose is to further the sport of dressage in the United States.  They do this by sponsoring wonderful educational programs nationwide, by providing awards and recognition for riders and horses, and by creating programs for dressage communities nationwide.  If you are interested in earning your USDF medals or other achievement awards, then this is the place to go.  There are a couple of different types of memberships in USDF.  A GMO or Group Member Organization membership gets you and entry level of membership and benefits.  Most seriously showing riders upgrade to the Participating Membership.  You will need to become a USDF participating member if you are planning to qualify or compete in regional championships.  All information related to this qualifying process is available on this website.

Utah Dressage Society  This is the local dressage club for the state of Utah.  This is what is called a GMO, or group member organiztion.  When you are a member of a GMO, you are automatically a member of the United States Dressage Federation, although your level of membership doesn't allow you to participate in all programs.  (For example, you are eligible for USDF medals and to ride in USDF recognized shows, but you are not eligible to qualify for the regional championships without upgrading your membership to become a participating member through USDF.)  The Utah Dressage Society also hosts shows and clinics and other educational events.  Their focus is to bring together the local community and celebrate our mutual enjoyment of the sport and our horses.

Rocky Mountain Dressage Society  This is a regional GMO for Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Utah.  The benefits of membership are similar to that of UDS, although many of us choose to be members of both organizations.  RMDS is the second largest GMO in the country only behind California.  Because the RMDS is so large, they are able to offer a large variety of educational opportunties and services to their members.  We have a local RMDS chapter, the Wasatch Dressage Chapter, based here in Utah.  If you decide to join RMDS, be sure to designate yourself a member of the Wasatch chapter.  RMDS offers their own championship show each year and due to the size of their organization, it is very presitigious to win.  RMDS also sponsors national level clinics.

United States Eventing Association  This is the national club for combined training, or three-day eventing.  They sponsor educational opportunities to develop horses and riders for the sport of combined training.  Their competitions are ruled by the USEF at the national level and by the FEI at the international level.

Wasatch Range Eventing Association  This is the statewide club for combined training.  They host clinics and small scale horse trial competitions.  They also recognize the horses and riders who compete in this discipline locally.