Bolivar 1983-2010

Bolivar.jpgBolivar was a Dutch warmblood stallion who was imported from Holland as a youngster by Faith Fessensen.  His father was the famous jumper Saluut, descended from the prized Ramses line.  Bolivar was inspected as a young stallion and was encouraged to have a jumping career.  He was trained and shown in jumping and had a very successful career as a Preliminary and Modified Open jumper.  He was retrained in dressage prior to coming to live with us.

He came to Utah in 1997 and after getting acquainted with Gary went on to do wonderful things in dressage.  He was shown FEI and did very well both locally and nationally.

Bolivar's offspring are smart and hard working.  They have exceptional canters and a willing attitude.  He consistently improved the leg and foot conformation of his offspring.  His offspring can also engage their hind legs very well and produce uphill movement almost from the first day under saddle.

Bolivar passed away in May of 2010 at the age of 27.  We have frozen semen of very high quality available for purchase by the breeding dose.  Contact us for pricing information.

Please enjoy these pictures of Bolivar and his wonderful offspring. 

He loved to show. He loved all the attention he got at the shows.
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