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 We complete another terrific and successful show!!!  It was a wonderful weekend in every way. 

 Congratulations to the Saturday overall High Point Rider, Sherrie Harvey and Tristan AGF and the Sunday overall High Point Rider Stephanie Brown-Beamer on Ravinnia.  They each receive $100 from Sage Creek Equestrian and Jim and Donnette Hicks.

Congratulations also to the winners of the Musical Freestyle High Point Awards donated by Wyatt and Patti Thurman and Gateway Dressage.  They each received a beautiful hand-painted platter.  The winners are:  Madison Bigler and Dega'l - Training Level; Margo Gogan and Ype - First/Second Level; Tasha Coleman and Bellini - Third/Fourth Level; and Evan Hills and Megabucks - FEI. 

The overall High Point winners for each level also receive a beautiful embroidered waffle weave sheet or tote bag.  The winners of the High Points are:  Training Level - Madison Bigler and Dega'l; First Level - Alison Child and World Games; Second Level - Jackie Golden and Sundance Golden; Third Level - Margo Gogan and Da Vinchi Royale; Fourth Level - Trisha Kerwin and Casini; and FEI - Trisha Kerwin and B Titan's Image.  Great job everyone! 

Here are the full show results!

Here are the results for the Millbrook Farms Summer Dressage Festival held July 6-7, 2013 

Millbrook in Fairfield = Nirvana!

The new facility is SO great.  The indoor arena is quiet and horse-friendly.  The rings are incredible.  The horses are so happy here.  We feel very at home these days. 

We have a few pictures of our facility here, but you can see many more pictures of our facility, our horses and their riders on Facebook.  Send a friend request to Millbrook Farms.   

Here we are! The facility is very user friendly with many riding areas and great footing.
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