Congratulations to Tasha Coleman on earning her USDF Gold Freestyle Bar!  Tasha is the first rider in Utah to have all of her USDF Medals and USDF Freestyle Bars.  Way to go!  This is our 24th USDF medal/bar earned by Millbrook riders.  WOW!

Results for both of our dressage shows are listed below.  The July show is the Summer Festival and the August show is the Millbrook Farms Dressage Show.  Lots of great rides.  Lots to celebrate!  

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Our own Evan Hills and Megabucks become one of Utah's youngest riders to earn their Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals!  (Photo courtesy of Donnette Hicks.)  At our Summer Dressage Festival Evan and Megabucks got their final score to become winners of all three USDF medals.  Evan has brought Megabucks all the way up from Training Level to Grand Prix.  We are so proud of this accomplishment, which they have done in their 8 years together.  Fantastic achievement!  

USDF and National Awards earned by our riders in 2014:  

USDF Bronze Freestyle Bar, Tasha Coleman and Bellini

USDF Silver Freestyle Bar, Tasha Coleman and Bellini

USDF All Breeds Award Adult Amateur I-1, Andrea Lewis and Beaumont Reserve Champion

USDF All Breeds Award Open I-1, Andrea Lewis and Beaumont, Fourth Place

Local and Regional Awards earned by our riders this past year:

 Utah Dressage Society First Level Open Champion, Gary Lawrence and R Loverboy

Utah Dressage Society Third Level Adult Amateur Champion, Faye Anderson and Brahman Ra

Utah Dressage Society Intermedaire I Adult Amateur Champion, Andrea Lewis and Beaumont

Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Intermediare I Adult Amateur Reserve Champion, Andrea Lewis and Beaumont